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Shiny Stuff

This is the presentation on the Shiny and Glossy projects that I gave in the MoLeNET session at Handheld Learning 2009.


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Handheld Learning 2009 Finalists

I have been nominated for the Handheld Learning Awards, if you would like to vote for me follow these instructions or scan the QR code.

– James Clay, ILT & Learning Resources Manager, Gloucestershire College
Vote for James. Txt CLAY to : +44 7786 205 637


Details of the nominations for the other candidates are listed below.

SMS votes should be sent to +44 7786 205 637. You will receive a response acknowledging your vote.

SMS charges vary according to operator but this is a non-premium rate service so your contract may include free SMS. If you are unsure check with your provider.

SMS messages can be also be sent via Skype.

Only 1 vote per finalist per originating number will be counted.

We stop accepting votes at midnight UK time on Monday 28th September so please don’t delay!

In an effort to be fair to non-UK finalists a single SMS vote originating from non-UK origin phone will count as two votes.

Please don’t cheat

The voting system is powered by  Txttools.
*txttools* promise to, never knowingly, send unsolicited txt messages to your mobile
*txttools* promise never to pass on your details to a third party

Primary Education Category


– Carl Faulkner, Head Teacher, Normanby Primary School, Cleveland
Vote for Carl. Txt FAULKNER to : +44 7786 205 637

– Amanda Burrett, Teacher, Wilbury Junior School
Vote for Amanda. Txt BURRETT to : +44 7786 205 637

– Jonathan Nalder, Teacher, Tullawong State School, Queensland, Australia
Vote for Jonathan. Txt NALDER to : +44 7786 205 637


– NW2-b-Friends, Anson Primary School, Brent
Vote for Anson Primary School. Txt ANSON to : +44 7786 205 637

– PDAs to Support Learning Initiative, Normanby Primary School, Cleveland
Vote for Normanby Primary School. Txt NORMANBY to : +44 7786 205 637

– Family Learning using Mobile Technology, Framwellgate Moor Primary School, Durham
Vote for Framwellgate Moor Primary School. Txt FRAMWELL to : +44 7786 205 637

Secondary Education Category


– Mark Richardson, Thomas Hardye School, Dorset
Vote for Mark. Txt RICHARDSON to : +44 7786 205 637

– Sandra Taylor, ILT Co-ordinator, Ashton 6th Form College
Vote for Sandra. Txt TAYLOR to : +44 7786 205 637

– Alan Beecham
Vote for Alan. Txt BEECHAM to : +44 7786 205 637


– Learnosity
Vote for Learnosity. Txt LEARNOSITY to : +44 7786 205 637

– Games Atelier
Vote for Games Atelier. Txt ATELIER to : +44 7786 205 637

– Studywiz Mobile eLocker
Vote for Studywiz Mobile eLocker. Txt STUDYWIZ to : +44 7786 205 637

Tertiary, FE & HE Category


– Philip Marston, Learning Technologist, University of Aberdeen
Vote for Philip. Txt MARSTON to : +44 7786 205 637

– James Clay, ILT & Learning Resources Manager, Gloucestershire College
Vote for James. Txt CLAY to : +44 7786 205 637

– Keith Burnett, ILT Development Manager, Chichester College
Vote for Keith. Txt BURNETT to : +44 7786 205 637


Vote for MoLeNET. Txt MOLENET to : +44 7786 205 637

– ALPS Programme
Vote for ALPS. Txt ALPS to : +44 7786 205 637

– ACU Connected Initiative, Abilene Christian University
Vote for Abilene Christian University. Txt ABILENE to : +44 7786 205 637

Special Needs Category


– Steve Kirkpatrick, Deputy Head Teacher, Charlestown Community Primary Schooll
Vote for Steve. Txt KIRKPATRICK to : +44 7786 205 637

– Karen Kelly, ILT Co-ordinator, Oakwood Court College
Vote for Karen. Txt MARKWICK to : +44 7786 205 637

– Arthur Sargeant, Stream Leader, Technologies for Learning, Leeds Metropolitan University
Vote for Arthur. Txt SARGEANT to : +44 7786 205 637


– Games for Life
Vote for Games for Life. Txt GAMES to : +44 7786 205 637

– CapturaTalk
Vote for CapturaTalk. Txt CAPTURATALK to : +44 7786 205 637

– knfbReader Mobile
Vote for knfbReader Mobile. Txt KNFB to : +44 7786 205 637

Business & Training Category


– Kantoo English by La Mark Vision
Vote for La Mark Vision. Txt KANTOO to : +44 7786 205 637

– Intuition Mobile Learning
Vote for Intuition Mobile Learning. Txt INTUITION to : +44 7786 205 637

– Goal Training & Development
Vote for Goal Training & Development. Txt GOAL to : +44 7786 205 637

– DRONA by Deltecs InfoTech
Vote for Deltecs InfoTech. Txt DRONA to : +44 7786 205 637

Special Achievement Award

The Judges have selected a winner from the following shortlist of nominees:

– Dawn Hallybone, Teacher, Oakdale Primary School, Redbridge

– John Davitt, teacher / writer / digital toolmaker

– Professor John Traxler, University of Wolverhampton

– Valerie Thompson, Chief Executive, E-Learning Foundation

– Jill Attewell, Research Manager, Technology Enhanced Learning Centre, LSN

– George Saltsman, Executive Director of the Adams Center for Teaching and Learning, ACU

– James Clay, ILT & Learning Resources Manager, Gloucestershire College

– Steve Bunce, Secondary Strategy Consultant for ICT and Behaviour and Attendance, Northumberland County Council

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ALT-C 2009 Poster

A sneak peak of my ALT-C 2009 Poster.


See the abstract.

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Glossy Poster at ALT-C 2009

I shall be “presenting” a poster on Glossy at ALT-C 2009.


The Glossy project undertook a large-scale development and implementation of mobile learning across Gloucestershire College utilising the mobile devices that learners already own.The project put in place an infrastructure at Gloucestershire College that allows learners using devices that they already own and college devices to access learning activities and content. The project created a student wireless network that can be accessed by learners’ own devices to access a range of content and learning activities through the college VLE.The aim of the project was to enable learners to access learning at a time and place to suit them in order to improve retention and achievement. The project provided mobile devices to learners in selected groups; including excluded learners and learners with learning difficulties and disabilities.

The project allowed the college to provide suitable hardware and software based in the college libraries that allows both staff and learners to develop, create and convert content for use on a range of mobile devices.The poster will show the key issues, challenges and opportunities that mobile learning offers institutions. It will show the key stages that are required to allow institutions to utilise the mobile devices that learners already own. The difficulties of working with diverse learner devices will be outlined on the poster because understanding them is vital to any discussion of sustainabilityThe poster, through a range of examples, will show how important it is to address the differing attitudes of staff, IT support needs and staff development.

The Glossy Project did much more than start Gloucestershire College down the road of mobile learning, it had an impact on the whole culture of the organisation in the use of not just mobile technologies, but also other learning technologies, audio, video, podcasting, wireless and use of the VLE to enhance and enrich the learning experience.

The project had an impact on 14,000 learners during the lifetime of the project, ran from November 2007 to July 2008. It continues to have a benefit even though the project has finished, as the infrastructure enables mobile learning to continue.


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It’s all Shiny

The new MoLeNET Project that Gloucestershire College are undertaking this year, the Shiny Project; has its own project blog which can be found here.

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Coming soon, Shiny stuff…

Coming soon, Shiny stuff.

Watch this space.

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Glossy MoLeNET Presentation at HHL08

Presentation made at Handheld Learning 2008.

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Learning in a digital age – are we prepared?

Learning in a digital age – are we prepared?

4-7th November 2008

Register now for the third international JISC online conference. This important conference for practitioners and managers embedding e-learning into their practice focuses on the tension between the tried and tested and the wholly innovative. e-Learning may now have established a foothold in learning and teaching, but are the demands of delivering the curriculum restricting its innovative potential? How can we plan to ensure the best possible e-enhancement of learning in the future?

Keynote speakers are Professor Gilly Salmon, University of Leicester, on transforming curriculum design through technology and Professor Rose Luckin, London Knowledge Lab, on the relationship between learners, their tutors and institutions. The closing keynote is being delivered by John Davitt, writer, broadcaster and education technology specialist.

The conference has two themes each running over two days and will also include guided tours in Second Life facilitated by the JISC Emerge team. During the reading weeks, the two weeks prior to the conference, there will be orientation sessions for delegates new to Second Life. We are pleased to have James Clay, mobile-learning enthusiast, as the conference blogger. Some sessions will make use of the Elluminate real-time web conferencing system.

Finally, the e-Learning Showcase will provide a shop window on innovative work from JISC e-Learning projects and services and social events include a virtual fashion show.

Details of the programme are available at

Delegates from further and higher education and from overseas are welcome to take part. The conference takes place in an asynchronous virtual environment which can be accessed wherever and whenever is convenient to you. Book now. The fee is £50 per delegate

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End of project

As I write this blog entry the Glossy MoLeNET project is coming to an end. I am writing the final reports and ensuring that our contributions are ready to go on MoLeShare.

I will probably post some content from the reports at a later date.

I will keep the blog online as an archive of the project.

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MoLeNET Dissemination Conference – 18th September

On the 18th September there is a MoLeNET Dissemination Conference in London (see attached PDF).

The aims of the conference are:

  • To disseminate nationally the good practice, lessons learned, research and evaluation findings, tips, tools and advice arising out of the MoLeNET programme in 2007/08
  • To demonstrate technologies, systems, learning materials and techniques
  • To provide a platform for practitioners to share and an opportunity for networking and building of future partnerships

I do expect to be there in one form or another, so if you are coming do come and say hello.

MoLeNET Dissemination Conference (PDF)

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