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Meeting with IT Director

Had long and very constructive meeting with IT Director about various ILT things and MoLeNET. From his side of things, stuff is moving along nicely. Interested to hear about my side of the project and how I want to use all the toys mobile devices I have been purchasing.

Looks like it will all be working soon.


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Good news, I have a very keen member of staff willing to do a lot for the project, not just in terms of scenarios and content, but more importantly the research side of things.

Actually I have two members of staff, one from National Star and one from Gloucestershire College.

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Talked to IV Group

Spent twenty minutes talking to our college’s IV group today about how mobile devices can be used for assessment, internal verification and even supporting external verification.

Lots of keen interest in both this and mobile learning in general.

Sparkly shiny glossy things generated  a lot of interest.

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Meeting with Gale from National Star

Having a meeting with Gale from National Star about Glossy, including how she’s going to write a few blog entries for the blog.

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TQMs keen

On Friday I met with the college’s two Teaching Quality Managers (TQMs) to discuss how they would (with their Advanced Practitioners) support the Glossy project.

We agreed that the APs would develop mobile learning scenarios, work with myself and my team on content for mobile learning and would work with some of the work for the case studies.

Overall a very useful meeting.

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More headphones

As we are getting a load of iPods for our MoLeNET project to be used by a variety of students it makes sense that we also get a large bundle of spare headphones. You know to replace the ones which get lost, broken and in the main for hygiene reasons.

Key question do we get cheap ones, Apple white (so cool) ones, or ones which work really well?

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Well that wasn’t planned…

This afternoon I got invited to a focus group meeting in the college and just happened to take an iPod touch. After the meeting I got talking to a few of the other managers there about the iPod touch, we then had a look at the other mobile devices we had got for the MoLeNET project and soon they were talking about how they wanted to use mobile devices to support learning and mobile learning scenarios.

After they left one of the managers came back with some colleagues and we went through the process again.

Really useful discussions, planning and staff went away really interested in the concepts behind the project and mobile learning.

Well that wasn’t planned…

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Chat with Director

Had a quick chat with the Director of the Sixth Form about MoLeNET. Showed him some of the potential of the kit we had ordered and got from him possible staff that would be interested in working on the project.

These staff cover Health & Social Care and Sports.

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Talking about the “toys”

Just spent fifteen minutes talking through with some staff the benefits of various mobile devices and how they can be used for learning.

For me it certainly makes a difference in having the devices, having content on the devices and for the audience an opportunity to try and feel the device.

All were impressed with the PSP, the iPod touch and the UMPC I demonstrated.

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Meeting with Tim Evans

Having a meeting with Tim Evans our Head of Media, about him and his team contributing to our MoLeNET project. Hopefully he will have someone in mind to replace another member of his team who was keen to work on the project and then went and got a new job at another college!

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