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Can I have one please…

I got my Asus EeePC on Tuesday and had just picked it up from our IT Services and  went straight to a presentation to a group of local headteachers to talk about ILT and e-learning the college.

Having talked about our VLE and IWBs I moved onto mobile learning. I handed round iPods, PSPs, Vista UMPCs I then said…

“this is so new that I haven’t even got it out of the box”,

Took the EeePC out of the box and handed it round and it was incredible the reaction from both the headteachers and the college managers as well, even more so when I mentioned the price.

One Vice-Principal was very keen on the device and started thinking out loud about how we could give these to students as part of their course.

The 14-19 Marketing Manager was so impressed that he’s borrowed it for the weekend, hopefully I will have it back by Monday as I want to take it to London for the podfestcasteventthing.

Key enamoured person though was the learners. Lots of positive reactions from learners. We currently have one of our NVQ students on work placement with us in the library, she fell in love with it, so after I get back from London she will be lent it on a long term loan to see how she gets on.


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Which GPS PDA?

In the Glossy project one of our teachers is interested in using GPS enabled PDAs with a group of LDD students.

Tasked with finding a suitable device (and with sustainability in mind) I looked at one of the HP GPS devices, and one was ordered for trials.

Alas it would seem we had issues with the supplier who keeps promising (as they do)…

Lilian (mentor) told me about a useful website, Total PDA. which sells all kinds of GPS PDAs.

So in mind to look at different models I wondered which way to go.

I was lucky enough (in my Mentor role) to visit the Wider Weston project based in Weston-super-Mare, lead college is Weston College. They are using the TyTyn (pronounced Titan and not TinTin as I thought) PDAs which in conversation I found out are GPS enabled.

Which GPS PDA?

So I think I have found my GPS PDA, thanks Vicki and Andrew.

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