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Don’t gloss over this video


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Advanced Practitioners

Gave a short presentation to our College’s Advanced Practitioners on what they will be doing to support the Glossy project.

As well as helping create the learning scenarios and mobile learning content, they will also be contributing to the comparative case study.

Asus EeePC went down well and lots of useful and interesting questions.

Key thing was how this will impact on the embedding of mobile learning into the college over the next few years, something that I want to come out of the Glossy project.

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Podcasting Teacher Training

One of our teacher training staff has just started a weekly podcast for her group. Lasting eighteen weeks, the podcast will be used to support and enhance the learning on these courses.

The students will be using their own devices to listen to the podcast and therefore will be able to feedback to the Glossy project on whether they found this difficult or easy to do.

Advice will be given on how to burn the podcasts to CD for those students who don’t have easy access to computers or an mp3 player.

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