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Not quite PC

Feb. 18thThought I’d better start getting to grips with the Apple software and used our wonderfully equipped Apple Suite to have a fumble. OK it didn’t go that well as it took me about 10 minutes to find the ON button, cunningly (or is that asthetically?) hidden on the back of the screen, once I got going I didn’t break it, as far as I can tell, and it didn’t catch fire – normally a good sign. Enough for day one.I have read through various postings and looked at budget proposals for hardware so I thought I ought to audit and cost my own resources… Ancient HP laptop, check (worthless but a good doorstop and I can cook a Sunday lunch while it logs on) HP PDA, check (ebay £30 quid). Samsung D900, check (ebay £20 quid), SD card reader, 1gb card for phone, 2gb card for PDA, check (12 quid the lot). Hmm looks a bit meagre but it will do the job for now. It does all talk to each other so that’s good enough for me.Number one in an occasional series:

Molenet as she is spoke:

Having now met an eeePc, which nobody seems to know how to pronounce (without impersonating a bat) I would like to confirm RSS is pronounced are-ess-ess there is a second ess, worth a mention.

Just for James

I believe that interpretations of economic theory can be explained through the medium of dance using a Nintendo Wii.


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