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iPod touching..

I honestly wondered first of all if this was going to be much use to me at all because of all the hassle of itunes. Well, I had a fiddle about and realised that if I set the resources I wanted to use in my Website and then used Safari to access I had everything there ready to use and no piddling around with itunes! Hook in anywhere wireless and bingo. Once I had got over that hurdle I realised that as long as the resources were internet accessible I have the potential to press the ‘go’ button with the students on the research programme as soon as the Gloscol G-spot (or whatever its called) goes live.The map function is just excellent, pop your route in and off you go, no problemo! Waccha wanna PDA for! (yes, yes I know)Its official I’m in love with the ipod touch!




February 29, 2008 - Posted by | ipod touch

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