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The Glossy MoLeNET Blog is very much a project blog, in providing news and views
form the Glossy project. I think it will also be useful when it comes to writing the final report as a diary or journal of the project.

As it is a public blog (purposely so) of course now and again it will be read by others outside the Glossy project institutions and the MoLeNET programme.

Recently a couple of mentions in the Blogosphere have raised the profile of the Glossy blog.

Ryan Collins mentioned Glossy following seeing a link in Twitter.

This is a very interesting project, to utilize mobile devices that students already have. I plan on following their blog and am very interested in their findings.

Read the full blog entry.

Whilst my entry on the Nokia N810 caught the attention of a blog on the Nokia N series of devices.

James Clay over at the Glossy – MoLeNET blog has been testing the N810 as part of the Glossy project that aims to support development of mobile learning at Gloucestershire FE College in the UK (you can read more about it on the blog).

Read that blog entry. What was useful for me about this was the comment on the blog about improving flash video performance on the Nokia N810. For me this is why blogging about the project is useful as there are lots of other people out there that are using these devices and we can learn a lot from them.


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  1. Another blog entry which links to the Glossy project.

    Comment by James Clay | March 27, 2008

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