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Blog of the Glossy MoLeNET Project

About Glossy

The Glossy project will undertake a large-scale development and implementation of mobile learning across Gloucestershire College utilising the mobile devices that learners already own. A comparative study will be made by providing a range of mobile devices for learners in excluded groups at Gloucestershire College and learners with learning difficulties and disabilities at National Star College.

The aim of the project will be to enable learners to access learning at a time and place to suit them in order to improve retention and achievement.

The project will put in place an infrastructure at Gloucestershire College that will allow learners using devices which they already own to access learning activities and content through a mobile learning portal in conjunction with the college VLE. The project will create a student wireless network that can be accessed by learners’ own devices to access college services, e-resources and the internet.

The project will provide mobile devices to learners in selected groups; including excluded learners and learners with learning difficulties and disabilities

The project will provide hardware and software that will allow both staff and learners to develop, create and convert content for use on mobile devices.

The project will provide the infrastructure to allow the college and staff to communicate with learners’ mobile devices through the use of 802.11 wireless and Bluetooth technologies.


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