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National Star College

class in progress

Wilson Court

National Star College is an independent, specialist college which provides for 143 residential (from a national catchment) and 18 fulltime day learners who have physical disabilities and/or acquired brain injuries, alongside associated learning, behavioural, sensory and medical difficulties.

The college has very specialist expertise in meeting the learning needs of a diverse range of student requirements. The college also offers part-time adult education classes to 200 local disabled adults and is currently offering a pre-modern apprenticeship programme for 14 students.

We are a specialist organisation providing high quality, personalised learning to enable learners to be more autonomous and self determining in shaping their future lives and making a positive contribution to their local community.

The innovative use of Information Learning Technology has enabled learners to become more autonomous in their learning, living and work. We are able to provide professional expertise and support in the use and development of IT and ILT for organisations who work with learners who have learning difficulties and or disabilities.

Visit the National Star College website.


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