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Had an excellent conversation and meeting with two plumbers today.

Two of our plumbing staff (who has to be said already extensively use our college VLE) came for a chat about shiny stuff.

I demonstrated the kit and gadgets in my office (which is slowly but surely turning into an Aladdin’s Cave) and we had a long discussion on the merits and how they could use mobile devices.

In the end they went away with lots of great ideas on using audio and video recordings to support their learners.

A lot of plumbing students are very vocational and practical and therefore written handouts and assignments can be challenging, but the idea of using audio and video seems ideal with these students.


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Chat with Director

Had a quick chat with the Director of the Sixth Form about MoLeNET. Showed him some of the potential of the kit we had ordered and got from him possible staff that would be interested in working on the project.

These staff cover Health & Social Care and Sports.

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