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PSP Features

PSP Features

Have been installing and trying out some new features for the PSP. The new 3.90 firmware includes support for Skype, which installs and works, but I have no audio input, so no phone calls for me.

Also installed the internet radio, but can’t seem to pick any up, back to the normal radio then.

Finally there is a new service called GoMessenger, however though 3.90 supports it, the software isn’t available for download yet, should allow for instant messaging when it is available.

Overall a bit of a disappointment really.


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Meeting with IT Director

Had long and very constructive meeting with IT Director about various ILT things and MoLeNET. From his side of things, stuff is moving along nicely. Interested to hear about my side of the project and how I want to use all the toys mobile devices I have been purchasing.

Looks like it will all be working soon.

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Well that wasn’t planned…

This afternoon I got invited to a focus group meeting in the college and just happened to take an iPod touch. After the meeting I got talking to a few of the other managers there about the iPod touch, we then had a look at the other mobile devices we had got for the MoLeNET project and soon they were talking about how they wanted to use mobile devices to support learning and mobile learning scenarios.

After they left one of the managers came back with some colleagues and we went through the process again.

Really useful discussions, planning and staff went away really interested in the concepts behind the project and mobile learning.

Well that wasn’t planned…

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Talking about the “toys”

Just spent fifteen minutes talking through with some staff the benefits of various mobile devices and how they can be used for learning.

For me it certainly makes a difference in having the devices, having content on the devices and for the audience an opportunity to try and feel the device.

All were impressed with the PSP, the iPod touch and the UMPC I demonstrated.

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