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ITS Meeting

Had our second ITS Glossy meeting to discuss how things are going from the technical perspective.

Wireless network is basically up and running and apart from the authentication issues it should work for the short-term.

Podcast server should be fine, but considering storage and back-up issues is more complex especially when we consider sustainability – which to me is an important part of the project.

Still having issues with securing the EeePC so have got some Stone UMPCs however these are lot more expensive than the EeePC.


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Gloucestershire Federation

Today we had an ILT Gloucestershire Federation meeting in Gloucester.

It was not only a chance for me to show off our new campus, but talk about the Glossy MoLeNET project.

Colleagues from Circencester College also chipped in as they are part of another MoLeNET project looking at podcasting.

Overall a useful meeting with colleagues from the local area and a chance to chat, talk and network.

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Second Mentor Meeting

Yesterday, Geoff Foot (from the LSN) visited Gloucestershire College in his role as our MoLeNET Mentor.

This was the second (official) visit which was part of the LSN support/reporting requirements.

It was a long meeting and Geoff met many different people from a learner all the way through the college to the principal.

Staff from across the college came and discussed how, where and why they were using mobile learning.

Colleagues from National Star College also were there to inform Geoff on the work they are doing for the Glossy project and progress they were making.

Overall I felt the meeting went well and I think we did demonstrate to Geoff the progress we are making on the Glossy project.

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LSN Research Meeting

LSN Research Meeting

Myself, Alan and Gale will be in Bristol tomorrow, along with colleages from Cornwall College for a meeting about the research we need to do for our MoLeNET projects.

The meeting will be hosted by the LSN and I am expecting (and hoping) that the meeting focuses on our research and our needs and is not too generalised and to low a level.

It will be nice to meet with Julia (from Cornwall) again and it will be interesting to hear what they are doing for their MoLeNET project.

Hope to be blogging from the meeting either here or on Jaiku.

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