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End of project

As I write this blog entry the Glossy MoLeNET project is coming to an end. I am writing the final reports and ensuring that our contributions are ready to go on MoLeShare.

I will probably post some content from the reports at a later date.

I will keep the blog online as an archive of the project.


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The £99 UMPC

Elonex who I remember as a manufacturer of high end laptops according to the Times will be releasing a £99 umpc laptop at the Education Show later this month.

…it includes a free word processor and spreadsheet, a free web browser and free e-mail software. It has a 7in screen, a rubbery little keyboard and no CD drive. And it all runs on an ageing chip that was designed before its target audience of seven-year-olds were even born.

Read more at the Times. Elonex’s website. The news has even reached Engadget.

Will be interesting to see if this is a cheaper/better option than the Asus EeePC for lending out to students in the library.

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Welcome to the Glossy Blog

Welcome to the Glossy Blog.

This blog will bring news, views and stuff about the MoLeNET Glossy Project.

More soon…

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