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Had a really good session this morning with a group of Plastering lecturers. They are keen on creating video podcasts on plastering techniques and using video for assessment.

I have lent them an Asus EeePC to experiment and pilot with (as it comes with a webcam) to see if they feel it is of use for what they want to do, or whether they want to use traditional digital video cameras.

We went through the process of capturing and converting video, putting the video on the VLE, on a PSP and on a mobile phone.

Though will have a minimal impact on the MoLeNET project, will have a much larger impact on learners next year, which is to be honest what Glossy is all about, long term impact and sustainability.


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Today I presented a podcasting workshop event at Somerset College as part of the MoLeNET programme.


I thought the day went well and we got some very positive feedback from the delegates. I am hoping to do some podcasting training at the college which will follow a similar format.

There are future MoLeNET events planned including some podcasting workshops, so watch out for those.

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Had a chat with Alan

Had a good meeting with Alan about the Glossy project. We discussed the project plan in detail and and mobile learning in general.

He really got a lot out of the podcasting event last week in London and said he would post something to the Moodle site (and/or this blog) about it. In the meantime read what he thought about it on his own blog.

It’s really interesting for me to see how others view mobile learning and different mobile devices, Alan brings a really different and fresh perspective.

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Podcasting Teacher Training

One of our teacher training staff has just started a weekly podcast for her group. Lasting eighteen weeks, the podcast will be used to support and enhance the learning on these courses.

The students will be using their own devices to listen to the podcast and therefore will be able to feedback to the Glossy project on whether they found this difficult or easy to do.

Advice will be given on how to burn the podcasts to CD for those students who don’t have easy access to computers or an mp3 player.

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