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Had a really good session this morning with a group of Plastering lecturers. They are keen on creating video podcasts on plastering techniques and using video for assessment.

I have lent them an Asus EeePC to experiment and pilot with (as it comes with a webcam) to see if they feel it is of use for what they want to do, or whether they want to use traditional digital video cameras.

We went through the process of capturing and converting video, putting the video on the VLE, on a PSP and on a mobile phone.

Though will have a minimal impact on the MoLeNET project, will have a much larger impact on learners next year, which is to be honest what Glossy is all about, long term impact and sustainability.


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Apple Training

Had a good meeting with Alan who was totally enthused with the Apple training he undertook last week. Has raised his skill levels tremendously and his enthusiasm.

In the age of digital literacy and creativity, educators need to seek out best practice in the use of the tools available. Apple Teacher Institute offers a unique opportunity to develop the ideas you have already had about digital creativity, to see how others are using these new tools with great benefits in learning gains, and to understand the pedagogy that underpins the excitement of digital media.

On this four-day residential course, you will learn in an environment where you are given the opportunity, inspiration, space and support to be creative with like-minded colleagues. All learning on this unique course will give you a thorough background in digital media but is carried out in a relaxed and friendly manner so that newcomers to the disciplines covered will not feel intimidated.

At this event, you will investigate a range of activities that focus on different digital media.

What’s nice about what Alan learnt, was that he started thinking much more about the application to learning and learning outcomes rather than focusing on the technology and the software.

Myself and him now need to think about how we can capitalise on this and cascade the training to other staff in the college.

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Today I have been mostly writing Project Mission Statement

I found a random mission statement generator whilst researching I thought this one would do us nicely, if ever needed!

‘Our function is to execute a strategic plan involving dramatically empowering wireless net-niches and engaging our e-functionalities in order that we may better serve our customers’

and be kind to animals, obviously, whilst remembering to thank all the ‘little people’.


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Hosting the RSC South West Specialist College Forum

Hosting the RSC South West Specialist College Forum tomorrow.

Where I will be delivering a presentation on our involvement in the MoleNET project and sharing our evaluations on the mobile devices we have bought so far.

It will be interesting and useful to hear other specialist colleges’ opinions on the capabilities of the devices and learning resources so far created.

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Talking about the project

Have spent some time talking about the project with both internal stakeholders and external people.

Spoke to Rob about using a selection of Asus EeePCs with a group of IT learners, he was certainly interested but only if the device runs Windows, as he needs to use Access – there is a question does the EeePC have sufficient power to run Access?

Spoke to Alan about the research project, he certainly is very keen and enthusiastic which is excellent and certainly will contribute to the success of the project.

Today I am at the RSC VLE Forum and (as per usual) with my bag of stuff I have been demonstrating some of the technology we are using to embed mobile learning into the college.

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Really Useful Research and Evaluation Event

I attended a really useful Research and Evaluation event on Friday. Loads of sharing good practice took place and I managed to get my hands on an Asus Eee Pc (If only for a brief time). I can now appreciate why it seems to be out of stock everywhere. It really is a snazzy little tool.

I’m planning that this will be the device that our IT students may be able to use. So far the IT tutors have rejected the iTouch, PSP and mobile phones as the screens are too small to display the video tutorials we are in the process of creating.

We have ordered 2 of the 4Gb Asus devices, one to remain on Linux the other to have Windows and Microsoft Office 2007 installed on it.

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Not quite PC

Feb. 18thThought I’d better start getting to grips with the Apple software and used our wonderfully equipped Apple Suite to have a fumble. OK it didn’t go that well as it took me about 10 minutes to find the ON button, cunningly (or is that asthetically?) hidden on the back of the screen, once I got going I didn’t break it, as far as I can tell, and it didn’t catch fire – normally a good sign. Enough for day one.I have read through various postings and looked at budget proposals for hardware so I thought I ought to audit and cost my own resources… Ancient HP laptop, check (worthless but a good doorstop and I can cook a Sunday lunch while it logs on) HP PDA, check (ebay £30 quid). Samsung D900, check (ebay £20 quid), SD card reader, 1gb card for phone, 2gb card for PDA, check (12 quid the lot). Hmm looks a bit meagre but it will do the job for now. It does all talk to each other so that’s good enough for me.Number one in an occasional series:

Molenet as she is spoke:

Having now met an eeePc, which nobody seems to know how to pronounce (without impersonating a bat) I would like to confirm RSS is pronounced are-ess-ess there is a second ess, worth a mention.

Just for James

I believe that interpretations of economic theory can be explained through the medium of dance using a Nintendo Wii.

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Had a chat with Alan

Had a good meeting with Alan about the Glossy project. We discussed the project plan in detail and and mobile learning in general.

He really got a lot out of the podcasting event last week in London and said he would post something to the Moodle site (and/or this blog) about it. In the meantime read what he thought about it on his own blog.

It’s really interesting for me to see how others view mobile learning and different mobile devices, Alan brings a really different and fresh perspective.

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The Festival of the Apple (podcasting event)

Feb 13th 2008

It is great to find myself involved in this exciting project and a superb opportunity to be able to join in a training and awareness day straight off.

Me? Well I’ve been teaching in FE for 12 years and currently teach/support/facilitate/irritate everything from wonderfully disruptive 14 year olds to marvellously cynical Senior Managers. I also work as part of the Quality (yes I know) Team with a focus on HE. When I have a few moments free I am Life Tutor to three groups of Hairdressers, its a tough life, not.

The main thing for me was the focus on the learning opportunities for students but somebody has to make it all happen. I am technically useless in reality and have a fairly agricultural und utiltarian approach to ‘kit’. Don’t get me wrong, I like new, pretty, shiny things but its what they can do not what thay are that does it for me. After yesterday its Apple all the way for me, easy, intuitive to use, clear and well supported – and it looks nice! (Did I mention how shallow I am?)

 I first came to mobile learning in 1989 when working as National Sales Manager for Max Factor. We used a systen called ROES (remote order entry system) and it had a tiny facility to add notes. It was perfect and so effective for bite sized training  and motivational stuff. (Does that make me a pioneer? Did I mention I am very vain?) I’ve had a go at most initiatives and my own teaching support site ( if you are interested) has ticked along since 2002 ish and has been used to host mostly web links and mini-blogs, before there was such a thing. Why? mostly to keep my students going and make my life easier. (Did I mention I am very lazy?)

Yesterday was great, from the enthusiasm and support of the speakers and facilitators through to the hands on and one-to-one very patient support. Even a pat dog for the technically stressed was provided – what attention to detail!

Give it a few days and I’ll get working with my students and I’ll post how things go.

Be lucky


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Advanced Practitioners

Gave a short presentation to our College’s Advanced Practitioners on what they will be doing to support the Glossy project.

As well as helping create the learning scenarios and mobile learning content, they will also be contributing to the comparative case study.

Asus EeePC went down well and lots of useful and interesting questions.

Key thing was how this will impact on the embedding of mobile learning into the college over the next few years, something that I want to come out of the Glossy project.

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