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Apple Training

Had a good meeting with Alan who was totally enthused with the Apple training he undertook last week. Has raised his skill levels tremendously and his enthusiasm.

In the age of digital literacy and creativity, educators need to seek out best practice in the use of the tools available. Apple Teacher Institute offers a unique opportunity to develop the ideas you have already had about digital creativity, to see how others are using these new tools with great benefits in learning gains, and to understand the pedagogy that underpins the excitement of digital media.

On this four-day residential course, you will learn in an environment where you are given the opportunity, inspiration, space and support to be creative with like-minded colleagues. All learning on this unique course will give you a thorough background in digital media but is carried out in a relaxed and friendly manner so that newcomers to the disciplines covered will not feel intimidated.

At this event, you will investigate a range of activities that focus on different digital media.

What’s nice about what Alan learnt, was that he started thinking much more about the application to learning and learning outcomes rather than focusing on the technology and the software.

Myself and him now need to think about how we can capitalise on this and cascade the training to other staff in the college.


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At our College Development Day I ran two over-booked sessions on Podcasting. They were only an hour an half each, but in each session, I gave an overview of podcasting, the staff then discussed how they could use podcasts to support teaching and learning and then created a podcast, before uploading it online and seeing how learners could download it and view on a mobile device such as an iPod.

Sessions seemed to go well and quite a few other people during the day asked if I could run podcasting sessions for them at some other time, as they couldn’t make the sessions I was running.

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