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Had a really good session this morning with a group of Plastering lecturers. They are keen on creating video podcasts on plastering techniques and using video for assessment.

I have lent them an Asus EeePC to experiment and pilot with (as it comes with a webcam) to see if they feel it is of use for what they want to do, or whether they want to use traditional digital video cameras.

We went through the process of capturing and converting video, putting the video on the VLE, on a PSP and on a mobile phone.

Though will have a minimal impact on the MoLeNET project, will have a much larger impact on learners next year, which is to be honest what Glossy is all about, long term impact and sustainability.


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Don’t gloss over this video

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Meeting with AV

Had a long meeting with one of our ITS support guys, Ali, whose main area of expertise is in the AV area.

I was bringing him up to speed on the Glossy project and discussing with him our audio and video needs for recording video and audio mobile content.

We discussed cameras, audio recorders and other peripherals which would ensure that we could make good quality (and therefore reuseable) learning content which could then be converted to work on mobile devices.

Really productive and constructive meeting.

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