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Eee PC

I have been wondering how good the Asus Eee PC is. The small linux UMPC is certainly creating waves in the tech world as well as the MoLeNET community.

Lilian (one of the MoLeNET mentors) demonstrated one at the MoLeNET Online Conference last Friday and I was quite intrigued.

So you can imagine my surprise when the one I had ordered arrived today.

It created quite a buzz and a lot of people were interested in what it was and how it worked and what it could do.

Key thing for me though was the reaction of learners which was very positive.


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ITS Meeting

Had a productive meeting with Jason from our ITS departmentover some of the details of the Glossy project. Discussed how the PSPs, iPods will be used and how we will upload content to the devices.

We also discussed the merits of various UMPCs that we have been looking at.

Also discussed some software for the college, VisualHub for video conversion and Comic Life for creating comics.

Good meeting.

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Really useful training day at E-Guides Plus event.

Really useful training day at E-Guides Plus event.

Have finally been able to create some resources for the mobile phones, using My Learning Author, thanks to the expertise of Nigel Davies.

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